Advantages and disadvantages of using bio-fertilizers

2013-07-31 10:28:17 admin

These are fertilizers that are natural from plant remains and animal wastes. They are safe to use and quite effective. Bio-fertilizers have in use for years. Read on to see their advantages and disadvantages.


·         Bio-fertilizers contain both micro and macro minerals which have a beneficial effect on the plants.

·         They have an adsorption benefit to micro-flora organisms

·         They contain protein, fat, and fiber which are essential to specific plants like Artemia.

·         Organic fertilizers like chicken manure float preventing loss of phosphor.

·         Using them is recycling waste which would have been a threat to the environment.


Disadvantages of bio-fertilizers/organic fertilizers

·         They have to decompose therefore, their action is slower.

·         The use of these fertilizers increases the risk of infection which can be reduced by composting it before use.

·         They are bulky and the user has to bear the cost of transportation.


In general, there are more advantages than disadvantages of bio-fertilizers. It is therefore, effective for the farmers to cover-up all the limitations so that they can get the best out of it. The residual effect in these fertilizers is long. Farmers will only use little or none in following seasons. The most important of all is that it is natural and has no negative effect to the environment.


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